Isnin, 14 September 2009

rasakan resahku dan buatku tersenyum..

I waited..
Pen held above a blank sheet..
I waited, but nothing..
I looked around and waited,..
For something..
Something that can awaken..
This mind, dormant for so long..
But nothing..
I want to write..
But this mind is blank..
This pen remain unused..
And this paper blank for days..
How frustrating to have..
A heart obsessed to write..
And a mind intent on sleeping..
And so I wait..
For that glorious moment..

To "whom" it may concern,

I asked someone about ‘it’. He or she told me that I’ve actually become a problem of yours. I was shocked but I’m taking it good - still trying to understand why. Now, what I want to say is that, I’m really sorry for being nuisance and annoyance of yours. I’ll leave you alone from now. I’ll stop bothering you in any ways – no texts, no hellos. Its not that I don’t want to be friend with you anymore- just that I’m giving you back your life free from me. Hope you understand and give me life free from you too. No rage or hatred please. I want to heal from you as you need to ‘heal’ from me.


amarlina ramlee~

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